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Now people keeping telling me emphatically stuff about how adoption and foster homes are awful things, just stuff along those lines. Now I know that if a child grows up with an adopted family, it may be pretty normal for him, but EXTREMELY painful for his mother for a while because she has given her child away, whom she could not or would not take care of, but I have heard and I think I can presume that later in life, the mother will find comfort in knowing that her child is in good hands and living a good life. That’s what adoption is for, I assume. So that a child can grow up with a stable family, which could not have been provided from his birth mother. However, if a child grows up in a foster home, I understand that those kind of situations can be extremely rough and difficult. If there were only a few things I could do to change in the world, it would be to make foster homes as pleasant and good for children as possible. But one doesn’t live in a foster home forever. Those years growing up for a child in a foster home are pretty much the toughest years. I would know, I know several people from them. But you have a whole lifetime. You were given a whole lifetime from your mother to do whatever is best for you. 

And if anyone wants to elaborate for me on anything they know about adoption and foster homes, please tell me as civil, calmly, and respectfully, and I will be happy to read them and respond. Thanks! 

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    Some other things about adoption and foster homes: If you’re not white or if you are born with any special needs in this...
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